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Nestlé KitKat Mini Share Pack - Dark Chocolate (Fukai Kakaono Kaori Kitto Katto), 146 g, 13 pieces

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A decadent Japanese KitKat experience.

Enjoy one of Japan's most popular and most unique sweet treats with this share pack of dark cacao flavoured KitKats. Made with less sweeteners to appeal to more adult tastebuds, these KitKats consist of layers of dark wafers made using the 'crush and spread' method, allowing the wafer to harmoniously infuse with the dark chocolate outer coating. The dark cacao used in this KitKat has been UTZ certified, which ensures sustainable sourcing and quality. 

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Japanese KitKats have become something of a legend around the world. As well as having such unique flavours as matcha green tea or bakeable pumpkin pudding, many of the more interesting flavours are only available in specific regions of the country, in special souvenir boxes. Here at japancentre.com we have an exciting range of national and regional KitKat flavours available in our KitKat section.

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Per Bar (11.3g):
• Energy: 64kcal
• Protein: 0.68g
• Fat: 4.0g
• Carbohydrate: 6.4g
• Sodium: 8-25mg


Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Biscuit (Wheat Flour, Sugar, Shortening, Cocoa Powder, Salt), Wheat Flour, Cacao Mass, Lactose (Milk), Powdered Whole Milk, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Yeast, Emulsifier, Leavening Agent, Flavouring, Sodium Bicarbonate, Yeast Food. Also includes Soy Bean. May contain traces of Almond and Nuts, Peanut, Egg, Sesame.