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  • 12636 tohato amijaga nori seaweed and salt snack

Best Before Date: 06-10-2019

Tohato Amijaga Nori Seaweed And Salt Potato Snacks, 60 g

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Thickly cut and satisfyingly savoury.

Sink your teeth into something a little different at snacktime with Tohato's Amijaga potato snacks. These disc-shaped potato snacks have been cut thickly and in a weaved pattern, which allows for a crunchy texture despite their thickness. Furthermore, each 'disc' has been seasoned thoroughly in a fine savoury mixture of salt, nori seaweed, and aosa seaweed seasonings. With flavours and textures this good, these snacks are sure to keep you more than satisfied until lunchtime.

ITEM ID: #12636


Tohato are always coming up with new and interesting flavours for their signature corn- and potato-based snacks, and they are far from the only company to do this. The creative minds of Japanese confectionery companies are experts at bringing unusual yet delicious flavour combinations to the mainstream. If you are longing for something a little different to munch on between meals, take a look at japancentre.com’s range of snacks and confectionery.

Item Detail


Per Bag (60g):
• Energy: 323.0kcal
• Protein: 1.8g
• Fat: 19.2g
• Carbohydrate: 35.8g
• Sodium: 523.0mg
(Salt: 1.3g)