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  • 12479 takoyaki kit

Best Before Date: 26-03-2019

Takoyaki Kit, 3.45 Kg, 9 items Low in Stock (only 5 available)

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Make authentic takoyaki at home.

Make one of Japan's favourite street foods with no trouble at all using this all-in-one takoyaki kit. This kit comes not only with a specially designed takoyaki plate, but also with all of the ingredients needed for making takoyaki that tastes just like any you might find in Japan. All you need now is the fresh octopus. Alternatively, try some different fillings of your own. 

This set includes 9 items:
1x Takoyaki Flour, 500g
1x Aonori Powdered Seaweed, 20g
1x Otafuku Takoyaki Sauce, 300g
1x Kewpie Mayonnaise, 200g  
1x Tempura Flakes, 50g
1x Kizami Red Pickled Ginger, 340g
1x Dried Katsuobushi Bonito Flakes, 40g
1x Takoyaki Plate
1x Recipe

Takoyaki plate suitable for gas stoves only. Brands are subject to change depending on availability.

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Takoyaki were originally developed by an Osakan merchant in 1935, and have since then become one of Japan’s most iconic festival and street foods. Like all of's food kits, this kit is specially designed to provide all of the essential ingredients for a popular dish in Japanese cuisine. To see's full range of food kits, check out the Food Kits section.

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3 reviews
Everything you need! However instructions are vague! (Suggest instructions to be amended so you know how much ingredients are needed to make exactly 16)..
Very good quality, nothing was missing from the kit. \n\nMade some awesome takoyaki, just make sure to oil well so your takoyaki don't stick. ;3
All we need to make takoyaki balls! Great value too (much more if you buy everything separately).