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  • 12392 take no tsuyu mt gassan silica natural mineral water

Take No Tsuyu Mt. Gassan Silica Natural Mineral Water, 720 ml

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Exceptional quality - ultra soft artesian water.

Extracted from 300m beneath Mt. Gassan, in the heart of the Yamagata Prefecture in North West Japan, this water has been naturally filtered for an incredibly soft, smooth taste. It has been used by the master brewers Take no Tsuyu to create their exquisite sake since 1858 and is perfect for preparing gentle tea, whisky and deliciously fragrant rice.

This mineral water is renowned for its potential health benefits. It naturally contains silica, an essential mineral not produced in the human body. Silica is best absorbed from natural water sources and its cell regenerative properties contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, nails and bones, helping to reduce the signs of ageing.

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Per bottle (720ml):

• Calcium: 5.8mg/l
• Magnesium: 1.4mg/l
• Potassium: 0.6mg/l
• Sodium: 12mg/l
• Slica Sio2: 39mg/l
• Vanadium: 3
• Hardness JIS: 19mg/l
• pH as source: 7.7