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Ceramic Shochu Cup Set For Five, 843 g, 5 items



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Complete your Japanese experience with an authentic shochu cup set.

Embrace the sake-drinking practices of the samurai and shogunate with this ceramic shochu cup set. Made in Japan, this cup is made from high quality ceramic and designed for drinking shochu with hot water. Perfect gift for friends and family or as a treat to yourself. 

Shochu cup measures approx. 7.5cm in diameter, 10cm in height.

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Shochu is another indigenous Japanese alcoholic drink alongside sake and umeshu. Unlike sake it is distilled, not brewed, with the alcohol level usually between 25-45%. It is made from one of several raw materials including sweet potato, rice, buckwheat and barley; each of which gives a very distinct flavour and aroma much like the varying tastes of scotch whiskey. For a great selection of sake drinking vessels, as well as other Japanese serveware, take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section.

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Very good quality. We use it to drink green tea