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  • 12187 kabuki actors fan card

Kabuki Actors Fan Card, 19 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)

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A unique and beautiful Japanese greetings card with a blank back for your own message. Printed on high quality, metallic card, this charming picture of Kabuki actors is not only beautiful, but traditional. Complete with envelope and one sheet of high quality writing paper, this is a great card for any occasion. Try a traditional card for a traditional season. Plain envelope and plain reverse of fan. Card measures approx. 11cm in width, 11cm in height, 19cm in height including handle.

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Kabuki is a traditional form of Japanese theatre. Part of the main three forms of theatre in Japan, the others are Bunraku and Noh, the actors were traditionally male, even for female roles. It started to become popular in the Tokugawa period of Japan (1603-1867). Known for its gaudy and lively performances, Kabuki is an art form that is better suited to the wider public compared to the other live action theatre of Noh.

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