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S&B Torokeru Curry, Medium Hot, 200 g, 10 servings

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Torokeru curry is one of the most popular brands of Japanese curry and comes in block of 10 pieces, enough to serve up to 10 people. This medium spicy version retains the slightly sweet flavour of Japanese curry with a small spicy kick.

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Japanese curry was introduced to Japan from the British during the Meiji era of the 1800’s and has now become one of the most popular Japanese foods, a world away from the flavour of authentic Indian curry. Japanese curry has a slightly sweet, mild flavour and is often served with chicken or pork katsu.

How To Use

Japanese curry is easy to prepare:
• Boil water in a pan.
• Add vegetables such as potato or carrot & meat
• Break up curry cubes and add 1 cube per person.
• Stir well and then serve.

Item Detail


Per 20g Serving:
• Energy: 100kcal
• Protein: 1.0g
• Fat: 6.0g
• Carbohydrates: 9.0g
• Salt: 0.91g


Edible Oils (Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil), Wheat Flour, Sugar, Salt, Curry Powder, Powdered Vegetables (Potato, Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Cabbage, Onion, Carrot, Celery), Pork Powder, Spices, Hydrolysed Protein (Soy Bean), Vegetable Paste (Edible Oils [Soy Bean Oil (Soy Bean), Rapeseed Oil], Onion, Pumpkin, Carrot, Burdock, Spinach, Carrot, Celery, Tomato, Skimmed Soy Bean, Vegetable Extract, Yeast Extract, Apple Juice, Banana Juice), Chicken Broth, Seasoned Oil, Yeast Extract, Seasoning (Amino Acid, MSG), Caramel Colouring, Acidulant, Emulsifier, Flavouring.


1 review
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