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Murayama Zosu Chidorisu Rice Vinegar, 360 g

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The ideal vinegar for Kyoto's fine cuisine.

The cuisine of Kyoto is well-known for being some of the fanciest and most delicate Japan has to offer, and any rice vinegar that is used to make Kyoto cuisine needs to reflect those standards. Murayama Zosu's Chidorisu rice vinegar is made from a fermented combination of rice, sake lees and a little brewers alcohol, producing a premium quality flavour and aroma that has been utilised in Kyoto's local cuisine for 300 years. Give this artisan vinegar a try and find out why it is seen as one of the best.

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As its name suggests, rice vinegar is a type of vinegar made from rice or rice wine. It has a much milder, mellower flavour than the malt or balsamic vinegars more commonly used in the UK, making it ideal for people who typically find vinegar too strong. For a great range of rice vinegars, as well as other vinegars and oils commonly used in Japanese cuisine, take a look at japancentre.com's Vinegars & Oils section.

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