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12053 tsuboneya higashi sugar candy 12052 tsuboneya candy open

Tsuboneya Risshun Tawarazukushi Japanese Sugar Candy, 35 g Low in Stock (only 4 left)

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Traditional Japanese sugar confectionery.

Indulge in one of Japan's most traditional, artisan sweet treats with Tsuboneya Risshun's Tawarazukushi dried sugar candy. These sweets are known in Japanese as higashi, or 'dried confectionery', and they are made by taking a special kind of premium-quality, locally-grown sugar called wasanbon and moulding it into different colours and shapes. These bite-size candies come in five colours and are shaped like straw bags. They have a subtle sweetness and unique texture that is delicious to either slowly let dissolve in the mouth or crunch into with gusto.

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Like many things in traditional Japanese culture, confectionery such as this is an exercise in taking a simple concept (in this case, refined sugar), and perfecting it. This particular sugar, Wasanbon, has been in production for over 200 years, and so few places make it that the opportunity to try it for yourself is rare and wonderful. For an exciting assortment of Japanese confectionery, take a look at Japan Centre's Confectionery section.

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Refined Japanese Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Starch, Colouring (Red-3, Yellow-4, Blue-1, Green-1).