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Owl In Hoop Keychain, 4 g Low in Stock (only 4 available)

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For confirmed owl lovers.

An ideal gift for anybody who likes owls and Japanese aesthetics, this adorable keychain features a tiny moulded owl cat, sitting on a perch in the middle of a round hoop decoratively covered with washi, or patterned Japanese paper. Hang this little piece of Japanese culture on a bag or wallet, or attach it to a phone or portable gaming console. Keychain measures approx.10cm in length.

Item design and colour may vary.

ITEM ID: #12009


Gift-giving is an important part of Japanese culture. From the dainty little envelopes full of money given to a happy couple on their wedding day, to the enormous boxes of local confectionery passed around the office after returning from a holiday, gifts are seen as a way of showing gratitude towards the people that are part of a person's life (such as friends, family, and colleagues). Discover a staggering variety of Japanese gifts in all shapes and sizes in japancentre.com's Gifts section.

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