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  • 11951 everyday harumi paperback

Everyday Harumi Set, 4.75 Kg, 14 items

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All your Japanese cooking necessities.

Get prepared to start your Japanese home cooking journey with this all-in-one starter kit, including the outstanding cookbook Everyday Harumi: Simple Japanese Food For Family & Friends. This kit contains all of the essential ingredients needed for the recipes in the Everyday Harumi cookbook, including miso, mirin, nori seaweed, wasabi, and much more. Grab your extra long chopsticks and get cooking.

This set includes 14 items:
1x Everyday Harumi Cookbook, Paperback
1x Japanese Rice, 1kg
1x Miso Paste, 500g
1x Dried Kombu Kelp, 113g
1x Katsuobushi Dried Bonito Flakes, 40g
1x Soy Sauce, 250ml
1x Mirin, 300ml
1x Cooking Sake, 300ml
1x Rice Vinegar, 355ml
1x Seven Spice, 15g
1x Basic Grade Nori Seaweed, 10 Sheets
1x Sesame Seeds, 50g
1x Wasabi, 43g
1x Katakuriko Starch Powder, 200g

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Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular in the Western world, both because of how well-known the Japanese diet is for being one of the healthiest in the world, and because Japanese food is absolutely delicious. Japancentre.com's food kits are specially designed to provide all of the essential ingredients for the most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine. To see the whole range, take a look at our Food Kits section.

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