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  • 11924 slide mirror keychain birds berries

Slide Mirror Keychain - Birds And Berries, 15 g


Decorative and useful.

Keep up your appearances with this adorable little slide mirror keychain. Made in Japan, this handy mirror is covered by a round slide case, which is decorated with an image of birds sitting on branches with berries. A particularly ideal gift for bird lovers. Mirror measures approx. 3.5cm in diameter.

ITEM ID: #11924


Gift-giving is an important part of Japanese culture. From the dainty little envelopes full of money given to a happy couple on their wedding day, to the enormous boxes of local confectionery passed around the office after returning from a holiday, gifts are seen as a way of showing gratitude towards the people that are part of a person's life (such as friends, family, and colleagues). Discover a staggering variety of Japanese gifts in all shapes and sizes in japancentre.com's Gifts section.

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