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  • 11895 wooden chopsticks and chopstick rests set black red fireworks pattern
  • 11895 chopsticks set closeup
11895 wooden chopsticks and chopstick rests set black red fireworks pattern 11895 chopsticks set closeup

Wooden His And Hers Chopsticks And Chopstick Rests Set - Black And Red, Fireworks Pattern, 32 g



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The perfect gift for Japanese cuisine-loving couples.

For a sweet little gift that must be shared, this His and Hers chopsticks are absolutely ideal. These chopsticks are made in Japan from quality wood and finished with a black fireworks pattern for the man, and a red fireworks pattern for the woman. Coming with two matching fireworks patterned chopstick rests, these chopsticks are ideal for everyday use, but would also work well in more formal Japanese dining settings. Longer pair of chopsticks measures approx. 22.5cm in length. Shorter pair of chopsticks measures approx. 21cm in length. Chopstick rests measure approx. 5cm in length. 

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Chopsticks are the most important piece of cutlery in Japanese and other types of East Asian cuisine. Japanese chopsticks differ from the chopsticks of other countries in that they tend to be shorter (averaging a length of between 20-23cm), and they always come to a tapered point at the eating end. For a great range of Japanese chopsticks, bento chopsticks, and cooking chopsticks, take a look at's Chopsticks & Cutlery range.

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It was a lovely little add on to a purchase I had made and are nice enough to display rather than use if you wished. \n\nPersonally I’ve kept them in their box and would use them together with my partner. \n\nThe quality is of high standard and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a decent set of chopsticks. They’d also make a brilliant present.