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  • 11870 lucky cat ceramic figurines

Ceramic Lucky Cat Figurines, 55 g


Add a little luck to the room.

Brighten up either yours or a loved one's home or work space with this pair of adorable lucky cat ornaments. Made from ceramic, these lucky cats are a pale yellow in colour, with red paws, ears, and collars. Both cats are clutching traditional koban coins in one paw, while their other paw is raised to beckon good luck to come their way. This is an ideal little gift for cat lovers or people needing a little extra luck on their side. Ornaments measure approx. 4cm in width, 3.5cm in depth, 4.5cm in height.

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Gift-giving is an important part of Japanese culture. From the dainty little envelopes full of money given to a happy couple on their wedding day, to the enormous boxes of local confectionery passed around the office after returning from a holiday, gifts are seen as a way of showing gratitude towards the people that are part of a person's life (such as friends, family, and colleagues). Discover a staggering variety of Japanese gifts in all shapes and sizes in's Gifts section.

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