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  • 11847 free gift wooden chopsticks with pouch

Wooden Chopsticks With Pouch - Blue, 20 g



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Elegant and convenient

Never be without chopsticks again with these handy bento chopsticks with blue pouch. These chopsticks are easy to use, easy to clean, and come in an elegant blue case. Keep a set at work or in your bag. Chopsticks measure approx. 18cm

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Chopsticks are the most important eating utensil in Japanese and other types of East Asian cuisine, so it is important to know the main differences from pair to pair. Long chopsticks (over 30cm in length) are best used for cooking. Shorter chopsticks (around 20-23cm long) are standard chopsticks used at home. Chopsticks that are shorter still and come in chopstick cases are for packing in your bag and taking to work or school. Take a look at Japan Centre's entire Chopsticks & Cutlery range.

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Nice quality.