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  • 11644 ceramic chopstick rests red blue swirl

Ceramic Chopstick Rest Set - Red And Blue, Swirl Pattern, 40 g, 2 items

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Matching chopstick rests for two.

Add a little extra colour and pizazz to your Japanese dining tables with this set of two ceramic chopstick rests. Made in Japan, these square-shaped chopstick rests are finished in blue and burgundy red, with a thick white swirl adorning the top. Place a pair of chopsticks on each rest and position wherever you like on the dining table. Chopstick rests measure approx. 3cm in length, 3cm in width, 1cm in height.

ITEM ID: #11644


Chopstick rests add a decorative touch to a Japanese table setting, providing an area for a pair of chopsticks to be elegantly placed. This is also practical, as the use of a chopstick rest prevents dirty chopsticks from being placed directly onto the table. For these and other essential items of Japanese serveware, take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section.

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