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  • 11637 ceramic chopstick rest white okame

Ceramic Chopstick Rest - White, Okame, 30 g

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Japanese society and culture on your table.

Give your Japanese dinners the authenticity they deserve with this quirky little chopstick rest. Made in Japan, this chopstick rest is made from quality ceramic and shaped like a traditional kabuki okame or otafuku mask. Okame is a lovely, smiling woman who is thought to bring good luck and happiness to any man she marries. Place a pair of chopsticks on this rest and position wherever you like on the dining table. Chopstick rest measures approx. 5cm in length, 4cm in width, 1cm in height.

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Chopstick rests add a decorative touch to a Japanese table setting, providing an area for a pair of chopsticks to be elegantly placed. This is also practical, as the use of a chopstick rest prevents dirty chopsticks from being placed on the table and making a mess. For these and other essential items of Japanese serveware, take a look at japancentre.com's Dining section.

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