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  • 11600 ceramic matcha bowl white brown wash

Ceramic Matcha Bowl - White And Brown, Wash Pattern, 395 g

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Matcha served the traditional way.

They say that matcha is at its most delicious when freshly whisked in matcha bowls such as this. Made in Japan and coming in a stylish wooden box, this ceramic bowl is finished in a rustic white, with brown highlights and a thick wash of white covering different and abstract parts of the outside. Use this matcha bowl to whisk up cups of earthy matcha green tea just like the brews made in the Japanese tea ceremony. Bowl measures approx. 11cm in diameter, 8cm in height.

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As one of the world's great tea-loving nations, Japan has as much need for nice teaware as we do here in the UK. From rustic matcha green tea bowls to large teapots with bamboo handles to little handleless teacups, Japanese teaware is unique in design and feel. Take a look at Japan Centre's Teaware section for a great selection.

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