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  • 11503 miso soup bowl red sakura

Miso Soup Bowl - Red, Cherry Blossom Pattern, 75 g


A fetching and hard-wearing miso soup bowl.

This miso bowl perfectly combines elegance in appearance with practicality in usage. Laquered inside and out with a deep burgundy colour and adourned with shimmering pale pink and white cherry blossoms of different sizes, this bowl is easy to use, easy to clean, and both microwave and dishwasher safe, all of which making it the ideal miso soup bowl for using every day. Bowl measures approx. 9.5cm in diameter, 6.5cm in height. Made in Japan.

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In traditional Japanese cuisine, it is common for different dishes to be served in their own plate or bowl. So the diner might receive a larger plate for their fish, a small bowl for their rice, another small bowl for their miso, and shallow side dishes for their sauces. For a great range of Japanese serveware, take a look in Japan Centre's extensive Dining section.

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