Lotte Koala’s March Chocolate Cream Biscuits, 60 g, 4 packs

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Delicious and educational.

Let your children enjoy delicious treats and learn English at the same with this special edition four-pack of Koala's March. Each of the bite-size biscuits in these four single-serve packs consists of a creamy chocolate filling encased in a crunchy biscuit shell stamped with a picture of a koala holding an object (such as a 'cap' or an 'apple') and the English word for that object below. There are 125 possible words altogether. Which words will you get?

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Biscuits remain a favourite sweet treat in Japan, with biscuit manufacturers always coming up with new and interesting ways to combine flavours, textures and ideas for peak biscuit perfection. Browse Japan Centre’s Biscuits section for a great selection of biscuits in all sorts of classic and not-so-classic flavours.

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Per Packet (15g):
• Energy: 79kcal
• Protein: 0.8g
• Fat: 4.4g
• Carbohydrate: 9.2g
• Sodium: 38mg
Calcium: 82mg