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  • 11436 clearspring sushi kit box
  • 11436 clearspring sushi kit items
11436 clearspring sushi kit box 11436 clearspring sushi kit items

Clearspring Luxury Japanese Sushi Kit, 892 g, 7 items

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Authentic sushi-making at home.

Become your own personal sushi chef in the comfort of your own home with Clearspring's luxury Japanese sushi kit. This kit contains all of the top-quality ingredients needed for making makizushi (sushi rolls), including sushi rice, sushi vinegar, nori seaweed and a bamboo rolling mat. With a recipe and instruction leaflet also included, all you need now are your favourite makizushi fillings.

This kit includes 7 items:
1x Japanese Sushi Nori (7 sheets)
1x Organic Sushi Rice (500g)
1x Organic Japanese Sushi Ginger (50g)
1x Organic Japanese Tamari Soy Sauce (150ml)
1x Sushi Rice Seasoning (150ml)
1x Organic Wasabi (25g)
1x Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat

ITEM ID: #11436


Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular in the Western world, both because of how well-known the Japanese diet is for being one of the healthiest in the world, and because Japanese food is absolutely delicious. Food kits such as these are specially designed to provide all of the essential ingredients for the most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine. To see japancentre.com's whole range, take a look at our Food Kits section.


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