Clearspring Traditional Japanese Matcha Kit, 85 g, 3 items

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The Japanese tea ceremony in your hands.

Bring the very spirit of Japan into your home with this all-in-one matcha set by Clearspring. This kit contains 30g of Clearspring's organic, ceremonial grade matcha green tea, an authentic bamboo chashaku teaspoon and a bamboo chasen whisk, as well as information on matcha and the Japanese tea ceremony. The only other piece of equipment you will need for the full tea ceremony experience is a matcha bowl. 

This set contains 3 items:
1x Japanese Organic Ceremonial Matcha (30g)
1x Bamboo Matcha Whisk (measures approx. 10.5cm in length)
1x Tea Scoop (measures approx. 18cm in length)

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The Tea Ceremony is considered an art and was introduced by Buddhist monks many centuries ago. The ceremony usually takes place in a traditional tea house where the host prepares matcha green tea powder in front of a group of guests following strict etiquette. For more authentic Japanese tea equipment, take a look at's Teaware section.