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Instant miso that tastes as good as fresh.

Even the miso picky of miso soup connoisseurs cannot help but be impressed by Clearspring's organic white instant miso soup paste. Each of these four sachets of miso soup is made from 65% organic white miso paste, which has a natural sweetness and mellow smoothness to its flavour that works well when combined with dashi soup stock for a typical miso soup. Enjoy a cup of miso soup with your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Miso soup is an almost compulsary part of the Japanese lunch and dinner table. Normally served next to the customary bowl of rice, Miso soup is made from a combination of miso paste, dashi soup stock, and fresh garnishes. If you do not have time to make miso soup from scratch, no problem; Japan Centre has a fantastic range of instant miso soups available in our Instant Miso Soups section.

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Per Pack (15g):
• Calories: 21kcal
• Protein: 1.3g
• Fat: 0.6g
• Carbohydrate: 2.4g
• Salt: 2.1g


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not a patch on the other Miso soups we purchased