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For a lucky lunchtime.

Whether you are a cat lover or you like to have a little luck with your lunch, this adorable three-tier bento lunch box is more than up to the task. Shaped like a kokeshi (a traditional Japanese wooden doll), and decorated to look like a white lucky cat clutching a koban coin, this lunch box consists of two large tiers, both with air-tight inner lids to keep food fresh, as well as a top tier that becomes a bowl when turned upside down. What luckier way could there be to take your lunch to work or school? Top bowl holds approx. 360ml, middle tier holds approx. 500ml, bottom tier holds approx. 350ml. Bento box measures approx. 10cm in diameter, 15cm in height. Microwave and dishwasher safe without inner lids. Bento belt included.

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It is often said that bento are essentially the Japanese equivalent of packed lunches in the UK, but in reality there is much more to bento than that. From the little bento boxes school children enjoy for lunch every day to the colourful gourmet meals elegantly presented in multi-tiered boxes, bento accounts for a large portion of both tradition and innovation in Japanese cuisine. Discover more about the wide world of bento by taking a look at's Bento section.

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5 reviews
Quite large
Prepare lunch and store until time
I highly recommend this product. The lunchbox is perfect size, good quality and adorable.
Beautifully made item - we use the item for taking bento lunches to work and it is roomy enough and does a great job.
Lovely item so sweet. Would have been even better if it came with a little knife and fork. Holds decent amount of food for lunch and the black elastic bento band holds everything together securely.