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Two Plastic Soy Sauce Dispenser & Gyoza Dumpling Press With Spoon Set, 163 g, 3 items


The perfect set for making your own gyoza. 

This handy set comes with 2 plastic soy sauce dispensers that can be used to hold oil or vinegar is so desired, or your own home made gyoza dipping sauce. Also included is a gyoza dumpling press with spoon so you can make your own fresh gyoza by hand. To use, simply place a gyoza skin on the press, use the included spoon to place the filling in the centre, wet the edge of the skin with a little water and press together. 8.5cm diameter. Not dishwasher safe.

Dispensers measure approx 4.5cm diameter by 9cm height; holds up to 100ml.

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Gyoza are the most commonly enjoyed dumplings in Japan. These half-moon shaped delights consist of a thin, folded gyoza skin filled with a tasty meat or vegetable filling. Gyoza might seem a little tricky at first, but they are actually surprisingly easy to make and a really fun activity for children as well. For more handy Japanese cooking equipment, take a look at Japan Centre's Cooking Equipment section.

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