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  • 11370 sakura sencha teabags

Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten First Flush Sencha Green Tea, Cherry Blossom Pattern, 21 g, 7 teabags

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The very best in Japanese green tea.

Experience some of the finest sencha green tea Japan has to offer with Yamasu Sugimoto's first flush green tea. This top-quality Shizuoka-grown green tea is first flush, meaning that the tea leaves are picked at the absolute peak of flavour-yielding perfection. Contained in seven small teabags, this tea is packaged in traditional wagashi Japanese paper wrapping, decorated with small sakura cherry blossom flowers, for the full authentic green tea experience. Give this tea to somebody else as a gift, or keep it for yourself.

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From cups of freshly brewed green tea at home to bottles of cold green tea available at every vending machine, it is rare for a resident of Japan to not enjoy at least a little green tea every day. For those of us who don't have time to mess around with teapots, teabags are an ideal way for us to get our green tea fix. Check out Japan Centre's Teabags section for more great Japanese green teas in handy bagged form.

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First Time I've tried sencha. Ok, but not sure it's something I would use regularly.