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  • 11360 yamasa reduced salt fresh soy sauce

Yamasa Reduced Salt Fresh Soy Sauce, 150 ml

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Soy sauce that stays fresher for longer.

Experience the difference a really good, fresh soy sauce can make to a meal with Yamasa's reduced salt fresh soy sauce. Unlike most soy sauces, this sauce has been packaged in an airtight inner bag that collapses in on itself as the sauce is taken out of it, ensuring that the sauce does not react with the air and retains its fresh flavour. Also containing 50% less salt than other soy sauces, this is without a doubt a healthier soy sauce option.

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Soy sauce is one of Japan’s most utilised flavourings, and not without good reason. Soy sauce is rich in the L-Glutamates that generate savoury umami flavour, making it an ideal addition to any Asian or non-Asian dish that requires an extra umami hit. For a great range of light, dark, fresh, organic, reduced-salt, and other varieties of soy sauce, take a look at japancentre.com's extensive Soy Sauce section.

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Per Serving (15ml):
• Energy: 11kcal
• Protein: 1.4g
• Fat: 0g
• Carbohydrate: 1.4g
• Sodium: 493mg (As Salt: 1.3g)
Potassium: 70mg, Phosphorus: 27mg

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