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  • 11341 black bento belts
  • 11341 black bento belts pack
11341 black bento belts 11341 black bento belts pack

Bento Belts - Black, 10 g, 2 items



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Keep your lunch tidy.

Ensure that your bento lunch stays together with this pack of two bento belts. Super stretchy and neutral black in colour, these belts are an indispensible piece of bento equipment, able to keep the different components of any bento box together, as well as bind together two or more smaller bento boxes. Belts measure approx. 22cm in length.

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Bento lunches are something of a sacred cow in Japan, as they are the highlight of every school day and plenty of work days as well. All great bento lunches need the correct bento boxes, chopsticks, and accessories, and here at japancentre.com we have a fantastic range of bento-specific equipment available in our Bento section. Take a look around.

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