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Onigiri Rice Ball Bento Lunch Boxes - Pink, 55 g,

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The onigiri shaper and carrier.

Protect your lunchtime onigiri rice balls with this handy onigiri-shaped bento box. Big enough to hold one large onigiri, this striking pink bento box is sealed up with clips on either side. To make a well-formed onigiri, simply press a sheet of nori seaweed (or whatever other outside covering you wish to use) into the bottom of the box (being careful to leave some flowing over the edge), completely fill the rest of the box with rice, fold the outer parts of the wrapping over the top, and clip the box shut. Box measures approx. 9.5cm in height, 10.5cm in length, 4.5cm in width.

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Japan has turned the humble lunch box into an artform. From classy wooden look bento boxes to adorable animal-shaped bento boxes, you can bet that there is a bento box out there that perfectly compliments you. If you are in the market for your ideal bento box, take a look at Japan Centre's Bento range.

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