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  • 11206 tofu kit with soy beans
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11206 tofu kit with soy beans 11206 tofu kit 3 11206 tofu kit 2

Japan Centre Homemade Tofu Kit with Organic Soy Beans, 1.12 Kg

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33 reviews

For hard-core tofu lovers.

Discover the superior quality and taste of homemade tofu with Japan Centre's tofu kit. Compact and easy to use, this kit contains everything you need to create your own blocks of tofu at home, including a quality handmade tofu press (made from European pine and finished with mineral oil for water resistence), a cheese cloth for filtering, 30g nigari (the coagulant traditionally used to make tofu), and detailed instructions. After trying tofu made with this kit, you will never want to use store-bought tofu again. Includes 500g organic soybeans.

This kit includes 5 items:
1x Tofu Press
1x Nigari (30g)
1x Cheese Cloth
1x Instructions
1x 500g Organic Soy Beans

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3 reviews
Fathers day pressie. Good quality, he loves it
I have bought this as a Christmas present so I can't comment on the taste or ease of use but the press is very well made and of good quality.
Simple and meets the description.