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  • 11202 gekkeikan ponshu dry

Gekkeikan Ponshu Dry Honjozo Sake With Ochoko Cup, 180 g

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Dry and full-bodied.

For a range of fun, quirky Japanese sakes ideal for serving at house parties or similar occasions, Gekkeikan's Ponshu series is hard to beat. All of the Ponshu sakes come topped with a coloured cap that doubles as a small ochoko serving cup. This variant, decorated with a black and purple chrysanthemum theme, is a dry Honjozo sake. Made from rice, rice koji, and a little distilled alcohol, this sake has a very dry, sharp flavour that goes very well when enjoyed with most savoury meals. This sake is best served chilled (5℃-10℃).

Sake Category: Honjozo (rice wine with distilled alcohol)
Flavour: Dry and full-bodied
Drinking Temperature: Chilled (5℃-10℃)
Serving Suggestion: Enjoy with most savoury, umami-rich meals

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Sake is Japan’s most well-known alcohol. It is brewed using special sake rice, koji (an edible rice mould that serves as the fermenting agent), and sometimes a little brewer's alcohol. A sake's characteristics, including how sweet or dry it is, how light or full bodied it is, and what flavours it evokes, depend on the type of rice and other ingredients used, how much the rice is polished/milled, and what brewing methods have been employed. To explore the wide and varied world of sake, take a look at japancentre.com's extensive Sake selection.

Item Detail


Per 100ml:
• Energy: 79kcal
• Protein: 0.2-0.6g
• Fat: 0g
• Carbohydrate: 0.4g
• Sodium: 0mg

• Alcohol Content: 13-14%

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1 review
Looked nice, it was a gift so I don't know what it tastes like