Choya Dry Umeshu Plum Wine, 750 ml

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Perfect for sushi.

For a plum wine that retains its inherent fruitiness while also holding off on the sweetness, Choya Dry is perfect. This wine is especially created by fermenting Japanese ume plums using traditional European winemaking technology. It has a clearer, dryer taste than most other plum wines, making it an excellent match for sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes.

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Plum wine (or umeshu, as it is known in Japanese) is normally made by steeping Japanese ume plums in alcohol (shochu or sake are most commonly used) and sugar until the flavour of the plum has infused into the alcohol. This particular combination of ingredients gives umeshu a deep, sweet/sour flavour. For a great range of umeshu and other fruit based Japanese liqueurs, take a look at Japan Centre's Umeshu & Others section.

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Alcohol Content: 10%