Hishidai Powdered Green Tea, 20 g

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Easy to make and waste free.

If you love the earthy taste of green tea but do not enjoy dealing with teabags or tea leaves, Hishidai's powdered green tea is for you. Similar to matcha green tea, this tea can be scooped straight into a cup or mug of hot or cold water and stirred in until the tea dissolves. As well as being easier to make, this tea is also better for you, as it contains the actual tea leaves rather than just leaf infusions.

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Green tea is the most commonly drunk beverage in Japan. Any visit to a Japanese home will include an offer of green tea, most home-cooked meals will be served with a cup of green tea, and bottles and cans of green tea are available in vending machines all over the place. If green tea is your cup of tea (and you can pardon that pun), take a look at japancentre.com's Tea section and browse our fantastic range.

How To Use

For hot or cold tea, add 1/3 teaspoon tea to 100ml hot water and stir well.

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Green tea