Bourbon Sylveine Chocolate Cakes, 120 g, 6 pieces

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A scrumptious afternoon tea treat.

Enjoy a Japanese take on quaint afternoon tea foods with Bourbon's Sylveine chocolate cakes. Each of the six small cake slices in this box is made up of layers of soft, alcohol-soaked sponge cake and sweet cream filling, all completely covered by smooth, rich chocolate. These cakes taste best when enjoyed with a cup of your favourite hot beverage.

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Traditional Japanese cuisine includes a variety of exotic desserts, most of which are made with sweet red beans, mochi rice, and/or kanten agar. The introduction of Western-style desserts to Japan during the Edo period then introduced an extraordinary range of Western-style desserts, which the Japanese have embraced whole-heartedly and produce alongside their traditional desserts to this day. Check out's Desserts section for a great range of traditional and modern sweet treats.

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Per Serving (approx. 20g):
• Energy: 103kcal
• Protein: 1.3g 
• Fat: 6.5g
• Carbohydrate: 9.9g
• Sodium: 14mg (As Salt: 0.04g)

Ingredients and allergens

Sugar, wheat flour, whole egg, vegetable oil, cacao mass, shortening, whole milk, raisin chocolate (milk), processed fat, glucose syrup, isoglucose, condensed milk with sugar, liqueur, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, maltose, cream, butter, lactose, salt, sorbitol, alcohol, emulsifier (soya), leavening agent, flavouring (milk), wax, colourings (anatto, turmeric)


2 reviews
These are tiny but very filling! Would buy it again, these were gone in less than two days !