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Best Before Date: 25-05-2021

Bourbon Sylveine Chocolate Cakes, 120 g, 6 pieces

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A scrumptious afternoon tea treat.

Enjoy a Japanese take on quaint afternoon tea foods with Bourbon's Sylveine chocolate cakes. Each of the six small cake slices in this box is made up of layers of soft, alcohol-soaked sponge cake and sweet cream filling, all completely covered by smooth, rich chocolate. These cakes taste best when enjoyed with a cup of your favourite hot beverage.

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Traditional Japanese cuisine includes a variety of exotic desserts, most of which are made with sweet red beans, mochi rice, and/or kanten agar. The introduction of Western-style desserts to Japan during the Edo period then introduced an extraordinary range of Western-style desserts, which the Japanese have embraced whole-heartedly and produce alongside their traditional desserts to this day. Check out japancentre.com's Desserts section for a great range of traditional and modern sweet treats.

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Per Serving (approx. 20g):
• Energy: 103kcal
• Protein: 1.3g 
• Fat: 6.5g
• Carbohydrate: 9.9g
• Sodium: 14mg (As Salt: 0.04g)


1 review