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  • 11130 arnest various character food cutters

Various Character Food Cutters, 45 g



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Make dozens of creative designs.

Turn any bento box into a work of art with these versatile character food cutters. Perfect for using with ham, cheese, seaweed, carrot slices, and other flat foods, each of the three flower-shaped discs features one cutter (most ideal for cutting out faces or bodies) and five smaller cutters (most ideal for cutting out finer features such as eyes, ears, arms, and legs). With a total of 18 cutters available, the only limit is your imagination. Character 'recipe' booklet also included. Largest disc measures approx. 11cm in diameter, 2cm in height.

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Making food into fun and easy-to-eat shapes is a great way to encourage fussy children to eat their lunches. But decorative foods need not be just for children. Indeed, the art of ‘decoben’, or creating specifically decorative bento lunches, has become a recognised art form in its own right. Take a look at japancentre.coms Bento section for decoben ideas and inspiration.

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Easy to use, I use them for making special lunches for my kids