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  • 11123 onigirazu case pink

Onigirazu Rice Press Kit and Case - Pink, 85 g


For easy rice ball snacks.

Making a quick rice snack couldn't be easier, thanks to this onigirazu rice press kit and case. This kit comes with a rice mould and press, as well as a slim pink case that doubles up as the press for the whole sandwich-like rice snack. Fill with meat and salad, kinpira, or whatever leftovers you have handy. Case measures approx. 12cm in width, 10.5cm in length, 3cm in height.

ITEM ID: #11123


Bento lunches are something like the Japanese equivalent of the packed lunches we all used to take with us to school. Bento are far more exciting than that, being a combination of different meat and vegetable dishes all accompanied by a serving of fluffy Japanese rice. To explore the wide world of bento, check out Japan Centre's Bento section.

How To Use

• Lay a sheet of nori seaweed across the open case.
• Place the rice mould on the nori, over one half of the case with the thicker side facing the middle. Fill with cooked rice and press down with the rice press. Repeat on the other side to make two sandwich halves.
• Add your chosen fillings on top of one sandwich half.  Close the case and allow the ingredients to press together before enjoying.

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