Animal Pop-Up Bread Stamps, 60 g


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Make your sandwiches sit up and smile.

Create food masterpieces out of simple slices of bread with this set of 'pop-up' bread stamps. With three animal stamps (a frog, a bear, and a panda) and a bread cutter included, this set cuts out unique animal shapes that can be made to 'sit up', giving the animal a more 3D appearance. Also included are crown, heart, and bow tie cutters that can be used to decorate your animals. Bread cutter measures approx. 12.5cm in length, 10.5cm in width, 2.5cm in height.

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Making food into fun and decorative shapes is a great way to encourage fussy children to eat their lunches. But decorative foods need not be just for children. Indeed, the art of ‘decoben’, or creating specifically decorative bento lunches, has become a recognised art form in its own right. Take a look at japancentre.coms Bento section for decoben ideas and inspiration.

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I used it to make sandwiches with the kids and it is really cute the kids love to use it! Very good quality and easy to use.