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Kokeshi Doll Magnet Bookmarks, 10 g, 2 items Low in Stock (only 1 available)

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A charming way to keep your page.

Never lose your spot in your book with this set of two magnetic bookmarks. Decorated with images of decorative kokeshi dolls, these bendy bookmarks are designed to be folded over the page you wish to mark and magnetically trap the marked page between the two halves. Bookmark measures approx. 6cm in length (12cm including both halves), 2cm in width.

Item design may vary.

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When asked to name important aspects of Japanese culture, one thing that escapes most people's minds is stationery. Everybody knows about origami paper, of course, but Japan's fascination with stationery also includes fun erasers, decorative envelopes, innovative pens and pencils, and bookmarks. For a thrilling range of Japanese stationery items, take a look at Japan Centre's Japanese Cards & Stationery section.

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