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  • 11031 perilla shiso vinegar

Fukami Perilla Vinegar, 500 g

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For herby, aromatic dishes.

Take your pickled dishes to the next level with Fukami's perilla vinegar. Made locally in Wakayama Prefecture, this unique vinegar combines the complimentary flavours of shiso, or red perilla leaf, and Wakayama-produced umezu, or plum vinegar. Use to pickle umeboshi plums, ginger, or Japanese leeks, or to make uniquely fragrant dressings and marinades.

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Perilla leaf, or shiso as it is known in Japanese, is one of Japanese cuisine's most commonly utilised herbs. It comes in either a 'red' or 'green' leaf, and has a distinct herby flavour that tastes particularly good with the nutty, roasted flavours common in rice or with soba noodles. Perilla shows up often in furikake rice seasoning, as a flavour in salad dressings, and as an ingredient in some pickling solutions.

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I bought this to make pickled ginger, but then I started pickling other things in it. Delicious perilla aroma and a beautiful ruby colour.