Glico Pocky - Mango (Thai), 25 g

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Pocky that tastes of summer.

Enjoy the taste of summer with every bite of Glico's mango Pocky. This version of everybody's favourite biscuit stick sweet treat consists of sweet pretzel covered in a layer of mango flavoured white chocolate. Perfect for enjoying when the need for something sweet strikes. Made in Thailand.

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Pocky has been a beloved snack in Japan for over 40 years, and its popularity only continues to grow, with more and more people from Western countries being introduced to this legendary confection. With new and exciting flavours becoming available all the time, it is well worth coming and checking Japan Centre's Pocky range frequently to see what's new.

Item Detail


  • Per Box (25g):
    • Energy: 120kcal
    • Protein: 2g
    • Fat: 4
  • • Carbohydrate: 18g (Sugar: 9g)
  • • Sodium: 0.04g


11 reviews
Very yummy
Always love mango pocky.
My daughter LOVES these!
These taste so much like mango, nothing artificial to the taste at all, and the packaging is cute. I really like this product!
It is very lovely flavour. You don’t find that many products comes with mango flavour but this one is really excellent. Highly recommend.
It was good
Very nice and cute product, very accurate description and lovely change from normal chocolate
Cute lil snack, the box isnt very big though and they like to stick together, but the taste is wonderful, if you want to use them for cake decorating id reccomend getting them shipped with other light items, anything heavy in your box probably will crush them.
Perfect flavour
If you like pokey Ian’s want to try a different flavour then get the mango ones they are yummy 😋