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  • 10887 kitkat set valentines
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10887 kitkat set valentines 6346 kitkat 8 set main

Best Before Date: 29-02-2020

Nestlé KitKat Mini - Ultimate Elegance Set With Gift Bag, 108 g, 9 items Low in Stock (only 4 available)

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4.5 / 5

88 reviews

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A perfect gift for any KitKat lover.

Spread the KitKat joy with Japan Centre's Ultimate Elegance KitKat set. Ideal for sharing among friends or presenting to a significant other, this adorable set comes with eight mini KitKat bars in different exclusively Japanese flavours, all packaged in a bright yukata robe shaped gift bag. A unique and special gift.

This set contains 9 items:
1x Amaou Strawberr KitKat
1x Matcha Green Tea KitKat
1x Whokle Leaf Matcha Green Tea KitKat
1x Purple Sweet Potato KitKat
1x Raspberry KitKat
1x Shinsu Apple KitKat
1x Chestnut KitKat

1x Shizuoka Wasabi
1x Gift Bag (measures approx. 21cm in height, 26cm in width)

Flavours and gift bag are subject to change depending on availability.

ITEM ID: #10887


Japanese KitKats have become something of a legend around the world. As well as having such unique flavours as matcha green tea or bakeable pumpkin pudding, many of the more interesting flavours are only available in specific regions of the country, in special souvenier boxes. Here at Japan Centre we have an exciting range of national and regional KitKat flavours available in our KitKat section.

Item Detail

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8 reviews
This was an impulse buy, I've been wanting to try some of the wonderful Japanese flavours of *** for a while. Unfortunately, they never seem to have many flavours in stock when I have visited their store, so it wsd great to get a gift set of eight different ones. So different from the *** innthe UK, a real treat.
Very good selection of the KitKats Japan has to offer. Kimono packaging is also very cute and the whole set makes a perfect gift for any foodie.
Given as a gift. They were over the moon with it. Not something you expect, not the usuall UK KIT KAT.
It's for my son whose Japanese mad.\nHave ordered these kit jays from Japan before so this was alot quicker.
great present, pretty bag
Good quality and great mix of products!
I bought this item as a present and it was very well received. The packaging was very nice and really added to the effect of the present.