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Umebijin Shuzo Taiyo No Jewel Kawachi-Bankan Pomelo Liqueur, 500 ml

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Vibrant and summery citrus flavour.

Delight in the combination of sharp alcohol and juicy kawachi-bankan pomelo with Umebijin's 'Taiyo no Jewel' pomelo liqueur. With a name literally meaning 'Jewel of the Sun', the pomelo juice in this liqueur comes squeezed from pomelo fruits grown in Ehime prefecture; the region of Japan most well-known for producing quality citrus. The fruity flavour of the pomelo juice is then nicely counterbalanced by the sharpness of the 7% alcohol solution. This liqueur can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or with a mixer.

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As a country obsessed with food and gourmet cuisine, it should come as no surprise that Japan also has a strong background in different alcohols. As well as making Japanese liquors like sake, shochu, and umeshu, Japan also produces some of the world's best beers, whiskeys, and spirits. For a spectacular range of different Japan-made and Japan-inspired alcohol, take a look at Japan Centre's Alcohol section.

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• Alcohol Content: 7%

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The taste is citrus and pomello. Not sweet , extremely refreshing. Could be mixed with sparkling wine or tonic. Best liquore that I personally have tasted. Very strongly recommend if you like a clean and quite dry taste.