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Moribun Hizo Rice Vinegar, 500 ml

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Rice vinegar made to traditional standards.

Give your cooking the sophistication of flavour it deserves with Moribun's premium quality distilled rice vinegar. Coming from Moribun's 'Hizo' range (where 'hizo' is a Japanese word meaning 'treasure'), this rice vinegar is made using the same brewing methods that have been used since 1893. Its subtle aroma and substantial flavour is well suited for any and all dishes.

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As its name suggests, rice vinegar is a type of vinegar made from rice or rice wine. It has a much milder, mellower flavour than the malt or balsamic vinegars more commonly used in the UK, making it ideal for people who typically find vinegar too strong. For a great range of rice vinegars, as well as other vinegars and oils commonly used in Japanese cuisine, take a look at japancentre.com's Vinegars & Oils section.

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