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  • 10793 takenoko no sato strawberry

Best Before Date: 30-11-2019

Meiji Takenoko No Sato Strawberry Chocolate Biscuits, 16 g

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A post-meal sweet biscuit treat.

Indulge in a strawberry flavoured sweet treat with Meiji's taste bud tickling strawberry chocolate biscuits. This snack-size pack is full of crunchy bite-size almond flavoured biscuits, all covered in sweet strawberry chocolate moulded into the shape of an adorable bamboo shoot. Perfect for enjoying after lunch or dinner.

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Japan is one country that has heartily embraced the idea of appearance being everything, at least when it comes to confectionery. From colourful mushroom shaped biscuits to adorable pudding shaped chocolates, the cute creative shapes the Japanese use for their confectionery is second to none. For a thorough insight into how artistic Japanese snacks can be, take a look at Japan Centre's Confectionery range.

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Per Pack (16g):
• Energy: 89kcal

• Protein: 0.9g
• Fat: 5.4g
• Carbohydrate: 9.1g
• Sodium: 29mg

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1 review
It was a great snack ideal for children , I got them for a toddler group who were very impressed