Maekake Apron - Navy Blue, Long, 260 g Low in Stock (only 1 available)

Maekake aprons for a traditional Japanese feel.

Give your home or business cooking environment an authentic Japanese feel with exceptional quality maekake aprons. Worn around the waist and in a navy blue hue with pockets, these heavy duty aprons are great for a multitude of uses, from fast-paced jobs in restaurants to domestic cooking. A rare and uniquely Japanese kitchen item that will provide years of use. Apron measures approx. 47cm in width, 67cm in length. Made from cotton. Made in Japan.

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Maekake aprons such as these are seen all over Japan, both in restaurants and around the home. Often an official part of the uniform at ramen bars and other types of Japanese restaurant, maekake aprons either come in a flat colour, or with pictures, emblems, and/or writing written along them in white or black. Take a look on the Japan Centre website for our full range of maekake aprons.

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