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Fresh Yuzu Citrus, 1 Fruit Low in Stock (only 2 available)

Consume within 1-3 Days

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The freshest yuzu in the land.

With this yuzu citrus fruit, you will now be able to use real yuzu in your own cooking. Fresh from Japan, this bright yellow fruit has a fragrant and refreshing aroma, as well as a flavour that is similar to lemon and grapefruit, but slightly sweeter. Use the zest of this yuzu to flavour desserts, or squeeze the juice over steamed fish dishes.

*Fresh fruit weights can fluctuate. 

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While rarely used or even heard of outside of Asian cuisines, in Japan and Korea in particular yuzu is one of the most commonly utilised citrus fruits. Its flavour is said to be similar to a grapefruit with sweet mandarin-like overtones, and it is used in a wide variety of cooking, from dressings and marinades to desserts to garnishes. For these and other unique fruits and vegetables used in Japanese cuisine, take a look at Japan Centre's Vegetables section.

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add to tea - delicious and fragrant
mainly for sauces