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  • 10647 complete sake set for four honjozo sake

Complete Sake Set For Four With Honjozo Sake, 1.7 Kg, 6 items

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An authentic sake experience.

Enjoy sake the way it is meant to be enjoyed with this exclusive sake set. As well as a bottle of Gekkeikan's four-time gold medal winning Nouvelle honjozo sake, this set also comes with a five-piece Japan-made sake serveware set, perfect for sharing the sake around. An ideal gift for sake enthusiasts or fans of Japanese culture and cuisine, this set is also a great way to bring the exciting world of sake to your own home.

This set includes 6 items:

1x Tokkuri Sake Dispenser (11cm in height)
4x Ochoko Sake Cups (5.5cm in diameter, 3.5cm in height)
1x Gekkeikan Nouvelle Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake, 720ml.

Brands and colour are subject to change depending on availability.

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Sake is arguably the most well-known of the Japanese alcohols. Made from a fermentation of rice, sake can vary widely in flavour depending on qualities such as the fermentation process utilised, the type of rice used, how much that rice is polished/milled, and whether brewer's alcohol has been added to the ferment. To further explore the rich and varied world of sake, take a look at Japan Centre's Sake section.

Item Detail


Alcohol Content: 15%
Rice polished to 60%

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