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  • 10588 matcha ceremony kit green main
  • 10588 matcha ceremony kit green box
10588 matcha ceremony kit green main 10588 matcha ceremony kit green box

Matcha Green Tea Ceremony Kit - Green, 470 g, 3 items



5 / 5

44 reviews

The Japanese tea ceremony in your hands.

Bring the very spirit of Japan into your home with this ornate matcha set. Featuring an elegant ceramic matcha bowl in a gorgeous green hue, bamboo chashaku teaspoon and bamboo chasen whisk. All you need to add is hot water to create your very own tea ceremony.

This set contains 3 items:

1x Matcha Bowl (measures approx. 11cm in diameter, 8cm in height)
1x Tea Whisk (measures approx. 10cm in length)
1x Tea Scoop (measures approx. 18cm in length)

ITEM ID: #10588


The Tea Ceremony is considered an art and was introduced by Buddhist monks many centuries ago. The ceremony usually takes place in a traditional tea house where the host prepares matcha green tea powder in front of a group of guests following strict etiquette. For more authentic Japanese tea equipment, take a look at Japan Centre's Teaware section.

How To Use

The bamboo scoop, called ‘chashaku’ in Japanese, is used to add matcha green tea powder to the bowl. After adding hot water the whisk, or chasen, is used to vigorously mix the tea until it becomes frothy and ready to drink.

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4 reviews
Just as I expected - the set arrived in perfect condition and works great.
good quality
great for ceremonial green tea
Best quality, matches the description 100%!!! Nicely packed, tidy. Very, very pleased with the service and product!