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  • 10528 koyu matcha latte tea
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10528 koyu matcha latte tea 10528 matcha latte lifestyl

Best Before Date: 31-08-2019

Koyu Matcha Latte Green Tea, 150 g

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Delicious matcha decadence.

Make frothy matcha beverages easily (and without using whisks or foamers) with Koyu's Matcha Latte green tea. Combining the sweet, mild flavour typical of latte drinks with the distinct leafy taste of matcha green tea powder, all you need to do is mix with hot water or milk for a wonderfully creamy matcha latte. Also great to use in smoothies and iced drinks. One pack makes approximately 30 servings.

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Matcha is one of the most well-known of the Japanese green teas in the Western world. Because the actual tea leaves are being consumed, a cup of matcha contains a higher concentration of nutrients than other tea varieties. For a great range of high quality matcha, take a look at Japan Centre's Matcha section.

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2 reviews
Really nice, especially when it is made with milk.
it is ok