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  • 10501 panda picnic mat main
  • 10501 panda picnic mat back
10501 panda picnic mat main 10501 panda picnic mat back

Picnic Mat - Panda Pattern, 60 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)



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Picnic like a panda

Pandas are definitely one of the most relaxed animals around, which must have inspired the development of this cute mat. Large enough for one person to use, this mat is compact, light, and ideal for having handy if you are the sort of person who likes to sit on the grass and enjoy a picnic lunch every now and then. Mat measures approx. 100cm in length, 60cm in width. Made in Japan.

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Japanese culture places a lot of importance on being prepared, with items like hand towels, compact umbrellas and collapsible bento boxes all being seen as essential everyday possessions. Even among these sorts of items there is great variation in design, from the traditional kimono-style pattern to cute animal shapes. For a great range of Japan-style necessities, take a look at Japan Centre's Japan Fan section.

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Very compact, but bear in mind that it only fits maximum two people.